Validation of lygus and other insect pest thresholds in commercial farms throughout the Prairie Provinces

Researcher: Dr. Hector Carcamo et al., AAFC-Lethbridge

Project Code: CARP CCC SCDC 2016-27

Final Report: February 2021

Summary: Lygus bugs are a sporadic pest of canola at the pod stage across parts of western Canada. In this four-year study, researchers were interested in validating the economic thresholds of lygus in commercial canola fields across western Canada. As a result of the study, researchers have developed a protocol and validation of a new threshold for lygus in canola of 2-3 lygus per sweep. The study also showed that lygus bugs no longer reach pest status in most regions of the Prairies: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northern Alberta. The pest risk from lygus occurs mainly in a narrow corridor between Edmonton and Lethbridge towards the foothills. Newer hybrid shatter resistant cultivars are likely more tolerant to lygus damage.

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