Understanding the mechanisms for race-specific and non-specific resistance for effective use of cultivar resistance against blackleg of canola in Western Canada

Researcher: Gary Peng and Fengqun Yu, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon SK

Project Code: CARP-CCC 2015-12

Final Report: May 2018

Summary: Researchers conducted a three-year study focusing on four key components using multiple commercial canola varieties to reveal the mechanism of race-specific and non-specific blackleg resistance. The overall findings showed that many R-rated canola cultivars carry a level of quantitative resistance (QR) or race nonspecific resistance to blackleg in Canada. This study also identified for the first time the molecular mechanism associated with QR against blackleg of canola. These resistance resources can be valuable to blackleg management in Canada due to different modes of action as opposed to major-gene resistance. The information from the study will be shared with all stakeholders, including growers, breeding companies and agronomists, to show the value of race nonspecific resistance against blackleg in western Canada.

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