Information for Research Scientists

SaskCanola funds research projects on a regular basis through a variety of mechanisms, including cost-sharing with other commissions, canola producer associations, provincial and federal government initiatives. Typically SaskCanola views and funds proposals submitted through one of three channels:

  1. Agriculture Development Fund (administered by the Government of Saskatchewan)
  2. Canola Agronomic Research Program (administered by the Canola Council of Canada)
  3. SaskCanola Call for Proposals
  4. Canola Science Cluster

Projects must meet the intent of the overall mandate of the commission, which is to provide value to canola producers through advocacy, research, and market development. The overarching goal of the research portfolio is to focus research expenditures on fostering innovation, decreasing production risk, and increasing sustainability, resulting in enhanced producer profitability.

Research projects often fall into one of three areas of interest:

  • New agronomic research providing producer benefits directly by increasing profits through efficient use of inputs and management practices;
  • Development of new genetic solutions or pre-breeding tools in canola to support profitable and sustainable production;
  • Expanded market demand through new uses of canola seed, whether the oil or meal component.

Direct application for funding can be made through the SaskCanola research proposal process that includes two phases. Please review the below PDF for detailed application information:

Note: If you intend to or have already submitted a proposal through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture's Agriculture Development Fund (ADF), you do not need to reapply through the SaskCanola process. Likewise, if you have already submitted a proposal through the Canola Council of Canada's Canola Agronomic Research (CARP) system, which includes the partnership of all three prairie canola commissions, you do not need to reapply through the SaskCanola process.