Replacing Fish Oil in Aquaculture Diets Using a Mixture of Canola and Algae Oil

Researcher: Murray Drew, University of Saskatchewan

Project Code: CUP.SCDC.ADF.2012-33

Final Report: November 2014

Summary: Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan initiated a three-year project in 2012 to develop methods to improve the fatty acid composition of aquaculture fish fed algaevegetable oil blends instead of fish oils. The objectives of the project were to determine the optimal extrusion parameters required to maximize the digestibility of the algae oil/canola oil product and measure the effect of feeding this product on the fatty acid composition of rainbow trout and Nile tilapia. Overall, the study results showed that the addition of an EPA-rich algae oil to canola oil-based diets can significantly increase the concentration of EPA in rainbow trout and Nile tilapia. For commercial applications, using algae oils high in both EPA and DHA in a mixture with canola oil can replace fish oil in aquafeeds.

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