Quantify Protein Structure and Subfractions in Canola Seed and Canola Meal in Relation to Nutrient Availability in Animals

Researcher: Peiqiang Yu, David A. Christensen, John McKinnon, Tom Scott, Katerina Theodoridou, Xuewei Huang, University of Saskatchewan; Sally Vail and Kevin Falk, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon SK; Colleen Christensen, Feed Innovation Institute/Dairy Research Farm Manager, Saskatoon SK; Lisa Miller, Brookhaven National Lab, NY

Project Code: CUP SCDC 2011.1 Yu

Final Report: May 2016

Summary: Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan conducted a large multiple project canola research program over five years to quantify protein structure and subfractions in canola seed and canola meal in relation to nutrient availability in animals. The research was completed under three research program areas and eight main projects. Program I focused on the effect of processing conditions, different types of co-products and yellow and brown canola meal, and included three main projects.

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