Precision Farming Project

Researcher: Mr Y. Pelcat, Dr. P Basnvat, Dr. B. McConkey and Dr. G Lafond, Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation (IHARF)

Project Code: CARP 2001-41

Final Report: November 2003

Summary: Canola yields are affected by year to year variations in growing season conditions, but also by many biotic actors on a field scale basis. A three-year Precision Farming study was conducted in Indian Head, Saskatchewan from 2000 to 2002 to look at the effects of nitrogen fertility, management zones , crop plant population, weeds and diseases on canola yields using a field scale approach. The results from the study demonstrated that yield variability was greatest due to different environmental conditions encountered each year, management zones, disease and weed pressures. The study highlighted the importance of variable rate fertilization programs and crop monitoring to maximize field profitability.

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