Pre-Harvest Herbicide and Dessication Options for Straight-Combining Canola: Effects on Crop Dry-Down and Seed Quality

Researcher: Chris Holzapfel, Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation, Jessica Pratchler and Brianne McInnes, Northeast Agriculture Research Foundation, Jessica Weber, Western Applied Research Corporation, Scott Chalmers, Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization

Project Code: CARP 2017.9

Final Report: March 2020

Summary: With improved genetic pod shatter resistance and increasing producer confidence in the practice, straight-combining canola has become increasingly common in western Canada to the extent that the proportion of acres that are straight-combined in 2020 could approach 50%. Several agronomic questions have arisen with this dramatic increase in uptake, including whether or not pre-harvest herbicide/desiccant applications are necessary and which options are most effective.

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