Optimal Seeding Rate Based on Seed Size in Canola

Researcher: Christiane Catellier (IHARF), Mike Hall (ECRF), Jessica Pratchler (NARF), Jessica Weber (WARC), Gary Hnatowich (ICDC)

Project Code: CARP 2018-084

Final Report: March 2019

Summary: The Canola Council of Canada recommends that to reach maximum canola yield potential, the seeding rate should be sufficient to achieve a spring plant density of 5 to 8 plants per square foot. In 2018, researchers in Saskatchewan conducted small-plot field trials to study the influence of seeding rate and seed size on hybrid canola productivity. The results showed that seeding rate had an effect on all crop response variables examined, and that the yield response was quite different between the two hybrids. Overall, the most economic and least risky seeding rate to achieve adequate plant population would be seed canola at or near the moderate seeding rate of 10 seeds per square foot and consider using larger seed lots or a slightly higher seeding density with relatively smaller seed lots.

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