Management Practices For Optimum Canola Emergence

Researcher: Dr. Robert Blackshaw, AAFC Lethbridge AB, Neil Harker, AAFC Lacombe AB, Eric Johnson, AAFC Scott SK, Bryon Irvine, AAFC Brandon MB, and Blaine Metzger, AgTech Centre AB, Ken Coles, Farming Smarter AB, Alvin Eyolfson, Battle River Research Group AB, Sherrilyn Phelps and Shannon Urbaniak, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

Project Code: 3.1.1

Final Report: March 2013

Summary: Canola emergence is often only in the range of 40-60% even though high quality seed is planted. The objective of this study conducted in small plots and field scale strip trials across western Canada in 2011 and 2012 was to determine the effect of various seed drill opener types and ground speeds on resulting canola emergence in the
Canadian prairies. The results show that across all opener types, an increase in seeding speed from 4 to 6 mph caused reduced canola emergence in 20% and 33% of the comparisons in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Field-scale farm trials also indicated a general trend of reduced canola plant stands with higher seeding speeds.

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