Long-term residual effects of alternative nitrogen management practices in canola production systems

Researcher: Ramona Mohr and Cynthia Grant, AAFC-Brandon Research and Development Centre

Project Code: CARP SCDC 2014-5 (A08711)

Final Report: December 2016

Summary: Nitrogen (N) fertilizer is one of the key inputs in most annual crop production systems, however, N fertilization strategies and decisions may also have longer-term implications for N dynamics in cropping systems. Therefore, upon completion of a four-year N management study in wheat and canola, researchers initiated a follow-up study to determine the effect of previous N management on plant-available N levels in the next two growing seasons. The results demonstrate that preceding crop productivity and N management have the potential to impact N availability in the cropping system in subsequent years, and therefore should be considered when making N management decisions.

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