Laboratory and field evaluation of seed treatments for control of crucifer and striped flea beetles in hybrid canola at different temperatures and moisture conditions

Researcher: Bob Elliott and Chrystel Olivier, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon SK

Project Code: CARP SCDC 2013-10

Final Report: April 2016

Summary: A five year laboratory and field study was conducted to evaluate seed treatments for control of crucifer flea beetles (CFB) and striped flea beetles (SFB) on hybrid canola. Lab bioassays focused on identifying seed treatments that provide the most effective control and protection against CFB and SFB in dry and wet soil 10, 20 and 30�C. Field trials were conducted on three canola types in 2013- 2015 to identify seed treatments that provide the best protection against flea beetle feeding damage and greatest improvement in stand establishment and seed yield. Results from laboratory and field tests showed that seed treatments differ greatly in their efficacy against CFB and SFB. Treatments that are effective against one species may not be effective against the other species. Canola producers are encouraged to monitor populations of CFB and SFB to select the most appropriate seed treatment.

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