Investigation into Converting a Combine Grain-loss Signal into a Grain-loss Rate

Researcher: Nathan Gregg, Joel McDonald, Zachary Kendel, Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), Humboldt SK

Project Code: CARP-ADF2016-192

Final Report: April 2018

Summary: Technology plays a larger role on the farm than ever before throughout all aspects of farming but especially through real-time sensor data collection. However, grain loss monitoring technology for combines has generally experienced minimal advancement since being introduced into the market around 1975. Researchers at PAMI investigated the feasibility of converting a combine's grain loss signal into a grain loss rate. Although the project results from lab and field testing of the combine loss sensors showed the ability for existing loss sensing technology to provide an actual grain loss rate is limited, the results showed promise in the correlation between the combine loss signal and actual grain loss rate and will drive further development in this area. Future technology developments will help maximize producer profit by providing the
operator with more meaningful feedback and information to make economic decisions.

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