Investigating wider row spacing in no-till canola: Implications for weed competition, response to nitrogen fertilizer, and seeding rate recommendations (2013-2016)

Researcher: Chris Holzapfel, Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation and William May, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Indian Head SK

Project Code: CARP-SCDC- 2012-4

Final Report: March 2017

Summary: A multi-year study was initiated in 2013 at Indian Head to evaluate the impacts of
wider row spacing on canola (Brassica napus) performance and investigate
implications for seeding rate, N fertilizer and weed management recommendations.
The results indicated that canola is relatively insensitive to increasing row spacing and
there are many factors to consider in determining the optimal row spacing for
individual farms. Pros and cons exist for both narrow and wide row spacing � this is a
complex issue that can affect entire production systems and, therefore, there is no
likely single optimal row spacing for all farm operations.

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