Improving Weed Management for Saskatchewan Growers

Researcher: Christian Willenborg, Eric Johnson, University of Saskatchewan

Project Code: CARP ADF 2015.154

Final Report: April 2019

Summary: Herbicides represent a major expense to growers, with Saskatchewan growers spending an estimated $800 million or more in 2014, and now represent the second most expensive crop production input after fertilizers. Ongoing weed research is required to: minimize input costs, manage and delay herbicide resistance, ensure low environmental impact, and enable crop and economic diversification. Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan's Weed Science Program conducted a broad multiple-project three-year research program consisting of several experiments concurrently run throughout the growing season, with funding from multiple partners. A total of 142 trials were conducted in 16 different crop species and comprising 2122 treatments, and saw 5 M.Sc. students successfully defend their thesis and graduate.

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