Improved Integrated Crop Management with Beneficial Insects

Researcher: L. Dosdall, University of Alberta, O. Olfert, J. Soroka, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Saskatoon and K.N. Harker, AAFC Lacombe

Project Code: 3.6.2

Final Report: April 2013

Summary: Diamondback moth is a serious pest of canola and mustard in Canada, and although there are important parasitoids for managing diamondback moth outbreaks in canola, very little is known of their life histories and habitat requirements. Researchers from the University of Alberta and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada initiated a three
-year project in 2010 to examine the biology, abundance levels and distributions of parasitoids of diamondback moth in prairie canola. As a result of the project,researchers have developed innovative practices and recommendations in insect pest management for farmers and agrologists.

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