Harvest Crop Management Strategies of Straight Cutting, Desiccation, Pushing and Swathing in Argentine and Polish Canola on the Effects of Yield Characteristics

Researcher: Scott Chalmers and Garth Johnston South East Research Farm (SERF) Redvers, SK

Project Code: SERF 2006-2008

Final Report: March 2009

Summary: Researchers in Saskatchewan conducted a three-year trial from 2006 to 2008 to assess the potential of pushing canola as a pre-harvest management option compared to swathing, pushing and/or desiccating, and straight cutting canola. In summary, pushing Argentine canola appears to be beneficial as a late treatment similar to the current recommendations of swath timing and can produce similar yield characteristics as straight cutting and swathing. However, due to mechanical problems no consistent results could be drawn from this 3 year trial and additional studies need to be conducted.

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