Getting One Step Closer to Sclerotinia Control Through Cultivar Resistance and Biological Applications

Researcher: Dilantha Fernando, Mark Belmonte, Teresa de Kievit, Ian Girard, Kelly Duke, Sanjay Saikia, Philip Walker and Jenna Millar, University of Manitoba

Project Code: CARP CCC 2013-12

Final Report: May 2016

Summary: Canola, one of the world's most valuable oilseeds, is under constant pressure by the fungal pathogen, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, the causal agent of white stem rot. Researchers at the University of Manitoba conducted a three-year multi-study project to investigate the structural, molecular, and physiological defense response of B. napus to S. sclerotiorum in susceptible and tolerant hosts. Through RNA sequencing, new genes and novel regulators of plant defense were identified, including potential resistance genes. Bioformatics tools have been developed to analyze large-scale RNA sequencing datasets of canola, including canola leaf tissues infected with Sclerotinia, and comparisons of biocontrol treatments, which will serve as a valuable resource for researchers interested in developing resistant lines and biocontrol options.

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