Feed Quality Study of 'Canola Meal' Produced in China in Comparison with 'Canola Meal' Produced in Canada for Producers/Industries

Researcher: Peiqiang Yu, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK, Brittany Dyck and Charles Guoqing Qi, Canola Council of Canada, Xuewei Zhang Ag Uni, China, Chinese Canola Seed Processing Industry, SaskCanola

Project Code: SCDC CUP 2015.4

Final Report:

Summary: In 2015, researchers initiated a three-year feed program, including four projects conducted at different phases, to compare the feed quality of canola meal produced in China with Canada. Although there were no significant differences found with canola seed, there were some significant differences between Canadian and Chinese canola meal protein sub-fractions, which may be related to processing methods used in each country. Overall, canola meal processing improved availability and utilization of canola protein supplied to animals. Information from this program can provide a guide for the bio-oil processing industry to improve and maintain nutrient quality, and to further develop nutritional strategies that will increase the efficiency of feedstock and co-products use.

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