Farm Gate Investigation of Best Management Practices in Canola Establishment and Production Systems

Researcher: Yantai Gan and Chang Liu, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Swift Current SK

Project Code: 3.1.5

Final Report: March 2013

Summary: Researchers with AAFC conducted a comprehensive farm gate investigation on the
best management practices that more advanced/experienced producers from across the
major canola production zones of western Canada have been using in canola production. Overall, the study found that canola farmers achieving the greatest canola yields were seeding shallow and directly into chem-fallow (or crops with inherently short stubble) at earlier dates and with narrower row spacing, applying K fertilizer or greater rates of S, avoiding seeding into canola stubble, and seeding Liberty-Link
cultivars. Factors other than those included in the analysis also affected canola
productivity, and more studies are required to determine impacts of those undetermined

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