Factors Influencing Canola Emergence

Researcher: K.Neil Harker, J.T. O'Donovan, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Lacombe AB, Robert Blackshaw, AAFC Lethbridge, AB, Eric Johnson, AAFC Scott SK, Guy Lafond, Bill May, AAFC Indian Head

Project Code: 3.1.6

Final Report: April 2013

Summary: Canola seed is a substantial input cost and poor canola stand establishment is a continuing concern for canola growers. On average, only 50% of planted seeds emerge; even when germination is above 90%. Researchers with Agriculture and Agri-
Food Canada (AAFC) led a three-year project to study factors affecting canola emergence and quality, including seed type, seeding speed and seeding depth to determine if seeding slow and shallow would enhance economic returns for growers. Overall, the results showed that canola growers can improve canola emergence density
by seeding canola at a depth of 1 cm. Seeding speed influenced canola variables to a much smaller degree than seeding depth.

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