Extent of Infestation and Potential Eradication of Clubroot at Sites in Saskatchewan

Researcher: Bruce Gossen, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon SK; M.R. McDonald, University of Guelph; S.F. Hwang, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Project Code: ADF# 20120213

Final Report: May 2016

Summary: Clubroot is a destructive soil-borne disease that represents a potentially serious threat to canola production in Saskatchewan. In a recent three-year study, researchers investigated the possibility of eradicating small areas of infestation if they were identified early enough, assessed different actives and determined the distribution of the pathogen in soils. As a result of the study, several fumigants with efficacy against the resting spores of P. brassicae were identified and confirmed. Based on these results, a recipe that producers could use to manage small areas of clubroot infestation has been proposed and testing is planned in one or more commercial field situations.

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