Enhancing the Durability of Clubroot Resistance with Multiple Genes

Researcher: Gary Peng, T. Song, N. Tonu, R. Wen, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon SK, Nutrien Ag Solutions

Project Code: CGDP ADF 2015.64

Final Report: July 2019

Summary: Clubroot continues to spread on the Canadian prairies, posing a serious threat to canola production. Cultivar resistance is the key to clubroot management, but the 17 'new' pathotypes identified recently in Alberta all appeared virulent to current resistant cultivars in the marketplace. Researchers investigated the efficacy and durability of canola lines carrying single and multiple clubroot resistance (CR) genes against 'new' and 'old' pathogen pathotypes under simulated intensive canola-growing conditions. The study results highlight the value of using stacked CR genes of different modes of action for resistance performance and durability. Overall, the study provided valuable information for development of new management strategies against clubroot on the prairies.

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