Enhanced Saskatchewan Soil Data for Sustainable Land Management

Researcher: Angela Bedard-Haughn, Darwin Anderson, Ralph Deters, Jeff Schoenau, Ken Van Rees, University of Saskatchewan; Darrel Cerkowniak, Henry deGooijer, Brian McConkey, AAFC; Don Campbell, Western Sales, Rosetown SK; Tim Nerbas, NRG Farms Limited, Waseca SK

Project Code: CARP SCDC/ADF 2015-286

Final Report: February 2018

Summary: Sustainable land management decisions and advancements in precision agriculture technologies need to be based on reliable information about soils and land capability. Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan, in collaboration with AAFC and industry, initiated a two-year project to design and develop a new enhanced data framework to store and access Saskatchewan soil information accessible by an innovative computer application. SKSIS provides the foundation for land management tools that provide decision support in making field-specific recommendations. SKSIS is available for both desktop and mobile users wanting to identify soil properties at a specific location, with the mobile access app using smartphone GPS technology to establish user location. SKSIS was officially launched in 2018. sksis.usask.ca

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