Efficacy of hydrothermal reactors, enzymes and additives to increase the utilization and safety of canola meal for livestock

Researcher: Tom Scott, Andrew Van Kessel, Denise Beaulieu, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK

Project Code: CUP SCDC/ACIDF 2012-3

Final Report: December 2016

Summary: As canola production in western Canada continues to increase, one of the remaining obstacles to maximizing investments is generating significant value from the meal, particularly as an animal protein source. Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan designed a study to evaluate how canola meal could be further treated using hydrothermal processing to increase the value and safety of canola meal and make it more competitive as a feed ingredient. Overall, the study suggests that there is a potential to reduce the increasing feed cost by utilizing low-cost co-products such as canola meal and to benefit animals by providing them with more available nutrients and environment with less P and overall manure output. Further researcher is required to facilitate pre-digestion and how this can be managed without excess cost.

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