Effect of neonicotinoid seed treatments on flea beetle damage and performance of Polish canola (Brassica rapa) in 2003-2005

Researcher: Bob Elliott, Larry Mann and Owen Olfert, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon, SK

Project Code: CARP 2004-14.1. (See B. napus CARP 2004-14.2.)

Final Report: May 2007

Summary: The objectives of this study were to determine the effect of neonicotinoid seed treatments on flea beetle damage and the performance of Polish canola. Seed treatments reduced flea beetle damage and improved the performance of open-pollinated and synthetic Polish canola in all tests. Treatments that provided the longest flea beetle protection usually provided the best seedling establishment, highest plant weight and highest yield. Prosper (r) Helix (r) and Helix XTra (r) were the only neonicotinoid seed treatments that improved yield significantly when flea beetle damage was above or below the economic threshold.

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