Drying Fuel Alcohols and Natural Gas with Biosorbents Based on Agricultural By-products

Researcher: Catherine Hui Niu and Ajay Dalai, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK

Project Code: CUP SCDC/ADF 2013-220

Final Report: August 2018

Summary: Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan conducted a multi-year, multi-objective research project developing, analyzing, and testing the use of biomaterials (e.g. flax shives, canola meal, and oat hulls) as a biosorbent to dry natural gas and bio-alcohols. Overall, the project resulted in the development of various novel technologies to reduce the processing costs in renewable bioenergy, and the commercialization of by-products (canola meal, oat hulls, flax shives) as biosorbents. Because the current assessment is still limited to the data achieved in lab-scale, further research and more in-depth feasibility assessments beyond the pilot scale will be required for commercial industry applications

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