Development of Reduced-Risk Strategies through Coordinated Monitoring, Forecasting, and Risk Warning Systems for Insect Pests of Field Crops

Researcher: Owen Olfert, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Saskatoon SK. Jennifer Otani, AAFC Beaverodge AB, Bob Elliott, Julie Soroka, Chrystel Olivier, AAFC Saskatoon, Héctor Carcámo, AAFC Lethbridge AB, Peter Mason, AAFC Ottawa, ON, Lloyd Dosdall, University of Alberta, Scott Meers, Alberta Agriculture, Scott Hartley, Saskatchewan Agriculture, John Gavloski, Manitoba Agriculture, Serge Trudel, Environment Canada

Project Code: CARP2007-10

Final Report: October 2012

Summary: Researchers from across western Canada initiated a five-year project in 2007 to study key insect pest species across the Prairie Ecosystem, as well as monitor potential new invasive species and their natural enemies. As a result of the project a prairie-wide, coordinated insect monitoring program was established. The program, which included weekly pest and crop updates, forecasts and risk maps, was designed to keep the agriculture industry informed of the risks to crop production from pest species and help with decision-making, as well as to highlight/conserve their natural enemies.

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