Development of Formulated Canola Protein-based Ingredients for the Food Industry

Researcher: Michael Nickerson, University of Saskatchewan

Project Code: CUP SCDC 2010-9

Final Report: April 2014

Summary: Canola proteins represent an emerging plant-based alternative, with tremendous opportunity for growth, based on their functional and nutritional properties. Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan initiated a five-year multi-component project in 2010, with the overall goal to develop formulated canola protein-based ingredients that could then be tailored to specific food applications. Researchers evaluated the use of canola proteins as emulsifiers, gelling agents and in the development of edible biodegradable films/package, as an example of a value-added application. As a result of the project, researchers identified optimal solvent and
conditions for producing the formulated protein ingredients and developed in-house standardized methods for assessing ingredient functionality. A Protein Functionality Manual, which describes basic testing for the following functional attributes: solubility, emulsification, foaming and water hydration/oil holding properties, was also developed and is currently being used by industry.

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