Development of a Harmonized Clubroot Map

Researcher: S.E. Strelkov and S.F. Hwang, University of Alberta, B. Ziesman, Saskatchewan Agriculture, D. Froese, Manitoba Agriculture, M. Harding, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Project Code: CARP 2018-20

Final Report: March 2020

Summary: The project had three main objectives: 1) examine the feasibility of a harmonized clubroot map, 2) determine what such a map will look like, and 3) communicate findings and recommendations to stakeholders including the Clubroot Steering Committee. Despite some of the challenges associated with obtaining clubroot distribution and geo coordinate data from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the project met its objectives.

Click the links below to download a short version of the report, the full detailed long version of the report, or the related Canola Digest PDF.

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