Developing Methods To Estimate Pod-drop and Seed-shatter In Canola

Researcher: Rob H. Gulden; University of Manitoba

Project Code: 3.4.2

Final Report: April 2013

Summary: Canola is a crop with high potential for seed-shatter and pod-drop, however, at this
time no effective and proven tools to accurately and consistently estimate losses are available. Researchers at the University of Manitoba conducted a three-year study to evaluate different methods of estimating pod-drop and seed-shatter. The study showed the catch tray and visual ratings were the most time efficient methods evaluated, however the catch tray method is the only one that can estimate both pod-drop and seed-shatter. The vacuum method provided a good measure of total harvest losses. A
new force gauge method for measuring pod retention has the potential to be a tool for
rapidly assessing pod drop in canola, however refinement and validation across a more
broad range of germplasm and different environments is required.

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