Determining Best Practices For Summer Storage of Canola

Researcher: Joy Agnew, Jay Mak, PAMI, Humboldt SK

Project Code: CARP CCC 2016.39 Agnew

Final Report: March 2017

Summary: For longer-term storage of canola, determining the best management practices to maintain proper temperature and moisture in the bins during the prairies' hottest months is required to minimize the risk of spoilage. Researchers at PAMI conducted an initial study in 2014, followed by a second study in 2016 to validate the findings. Overall the results were similar, showing that leaving the canola alone resulted in the most stable and favorable storage conditions throughout the summer months, provided the canola is dry (<10% moisture content) and uniformly frozen (to <-5 degrees C) going into the spring months. Canola with different starting conditions might behave differently and require additional management measures. Canola should always be monitored during storage to minimize the risk of spoilage.

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