Detection, Surveillance, & Management of Weed, Insect, & Disease Pests That Threaten the Economic Viability of Crop Production & the Environmental Health of Prairie Agro-Ecosystems

Researcher: Owen Olfert, B. Elliot, G. Peng, J. Soroka, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Saskatoon, SK, H. Carcamo, J. Leeson, AAFC Lethbridge, AB, K. Turkington, AAFC Lacombe, D. McLaren, AAFC Brandon

Project Code: 3.7.8

Final Report: April 2013

Summary: A three-year study was initiated in 2010 by researchers with Agriculture and Agri- Food Canada to focus on developing novel assessment technologies and crop management tools for control of insects, weeds and diseases in canola. Through this study, various pests of canola were detected, monitored and managed through this study to assist the canola industry in the mitigation of threats against the economic viability of production and the environmental health of prairie agro-ecosystems. As a result of the study, economic and environmental risks from pest control can be minimized through a coordinated program that provides decision-support to agriculture industry in a timely manner.

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