Detection, Identification and Control Strategies for Management of Cutworms (Noctuidae) on the Prairie Provinces

Researcher: Kevin Floate, AAFC Lethbridge AB; Jeremy Hummel, Lethbridge College AB; Jim Broatch, Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development; Jennifer Otani, AAFC Beaverlodge AB; Maya Evenden, University of Alberta; Martin Erlandson, AAFC Saskatoon SK; Rob Laird, University of Lethbridge AB

Project Code: CARP 2012-1

Final Report: February 2017

Summary: Cutworms are present across the Prairies, and in some years some species of cutworms can reach levels that are of economic concern in field crops. Researchers conducted a five-year project across the Prairies to develop better identification tools and a better understanding of cutworm biology and their natural enemies. The project resulted in the development of a quick and easy molecular method available for adoption by service labs and an improved understanding of natural enemies that can help reduce the severity and duration of cutworm outbreaks. The research resulted in various extension activities and publications, including a book reporting on the identification and control of 21 cutworm pest species, which is available farmers and producer groups at

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