Defining Best Management Practices for Using Supplemental Heating with Natural Air Drying

Researcher: Joy Agnew, Roy Maki and Charley Sprenger, PAMI, Humboldt SK

Project Code: CARP ADF 2017.266

Final Report: March 2020

Summary: Many producers use natural air drying (NAD) systems to minimize the capital and operating costs of grain drying; however, very little practical information or best management practices are currently available. PAMI researchers conducted a two-year project to determine how the use of supplemental heat affects the drying rate and storage conditions of wheat and canola. Overall, supplemental heating for NAD systems does have the potential to be a lower capital alternative to heated air drying to extend the drying season; however, careful management is required to keep operating costs comparable to that of a dedicated dryer system. A summary of recommended general management practices was also developed.

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