Current Research

In 2016/17 year, SaskCanola invested $2.2 million dollars into canola research. With these new commitments, SaskCanola continues in the pursuit of providing value back to producers who can implement these research results into their farm operations. SaskCanola research results are posted continually to the SaskCanola website, with both short and long reports available.

For the 2016/17 year, SaskCanola has initiated 16 new research projects, including:

  • Assessing the impact of Contarinia species (swede midge and new midge) on canola production;
  • Determinng the optimal and maximal inclusion rates for canola meal into starter mixture for Holstein calves;
  • Effect of cereal crop residue distribution on the following year’s canola emergence and yield;
  • Impact of source and placement of nitrogen and sulfur fertilizers on canola;
  • Investigation into converting a combine grain loss signal into a grain loss rate;
  • Monitoring the race dynamics of blackleg for sustainable management; and
  • Pre-harvest herbicide and desiccation options for straight-combining canola.

Check out our research project reports page to read the summary and full reports of these projects and others once they are complete.