Current Research

In the 2017/18 year, SaskCanola made research commitments of $5,371,714 to fund 26 canola-related research projects and programs. These research and development efforts range in time frames from one to five years, with a collective total budget of $28,867,900. With these new commitments, SaskCanola continues in the pursuit of providing value back to producers who can implement these research results into their farm operations. SaskCanola research results are posted continually to the SaskCanola website, with both short and long reports available.

For the 2017/18 year, SaskCanola has initiated 26 new research projects, including:

  • Defining best management practices for using supplemental heating with natural air drying;
  • Development of a harmonized clubroot map;
  • SaskCanola seeding rate trial;
  • Clubroot surveillance and pathotype monitoring;
  • Water monitoring for the neonicotinoid insecticides;
  • Overcoming blackleg disease in canola through establishment of quantitative resistance;
  • The Canola Agri-Science Cluster: Sustainable Reliable Supply for a Changing World.

Check out our research project reports page to read the summary and full reports of these projects and others once they are complete.