Crop Response to Foliar Applied Phosphorus Fertilizer

Researcher: Jeff Schoenau, Stephen Froese, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK

Project Code: CARP SCDC ADF 2015.077 Schoenau

Final Report: November 2018

Summary: Researchers initiated a two-year study in 2016 to evaluate the response of canola, pea and wheat to foliar applied phosphorus (P) fertilization growing in different soil zones in Saskatchewan. Overall, the study showed that mid-season foliar P applications would be most suitable for a top up of P nutrition applied in small amounts under conditions of soil P deficiency rather than a substitution for seed row applied P fertilizer. The most suitable applications may be for canola where P demands are high and seed row applications may be limited by seed-row safety concerns. These results underline the importance of the right rate, source, time and placement regarding P fertilization of canola, wheat and pea in contrasting Saskatchewan soils.

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