Consistent and Environmentally Sound Canola Production

Researcher: Dr. Robert Blackshaw, Xiying Hao, Hector Carcamo, Elwin Smith, Newton Lupwayi, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Lethbridge AB, Neil Harker, John O’Donovan, Kelly Turkington, AAFC Lacombe AB, Eric Johnson, AAFC Scott SK, Kevin Falk, AAFC Saskatoon SK

Project Code: 3.7.6

Final Report: March 2013

Summary: Canola seeded area has nearly doubled in the last 10 years and ongoing expansion of the canola crushing industry and the growing potential for canola biodiesel production could require a further expansion in canola production in Canada by another 50% in the next decade. In 2007, researchers with AAFC initiated a multi-study to evaluate integrated management systems for sustainable canola production to prepare for this
expansion. The systems that were evaluated in this study will enhance economic benefits in the entire canola industry and provide new agricultural opportunities as a result of the consistent production stocks for canola biodiesel.

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NOTE: Please also see Research Report Blackshaw 3.2.3

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