Comparing the protein source and frequency of supplementation of forage intake, competitive feeding interactions, and nutrient utilization for beef cattle fed low-quality forages

Researcher: Dr. Gregory Penner, Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Saskatchewan

Project Code: CUP NSERC-CRD 2017-202

Final Report: July 2021

Summary: Researchers wanted to determine if canola meal could be a suitable protein source for beef cattle. The main objectives of this study were to compare distillers' grains and canola meal as protein supplements for beef cattle consuming low-quality forage, and to evaluate if the frequency of protein supplementation affected nutrient utilization and feeding behaviour. Overall, the study showed that protein supplementation of heifers grazing low-quality forages does increase forage DMI, heifer ADG and other factors, and that feeding double the amount of protein supplements every second day was sufficient. The study showed that canola meal is a high-quality protein source and may be more economically favourable than distillers' grains.

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