Comparative genomics of apomictic plants: advancing novel tools for niche breeding

Researcher: Timothy Francis Sharbel; Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS), University of Saskatchewan, Philippe Riggault, Gydle

Project Code: CGDP ADF 2015-123 Sharbel

Final Report: December 2017

Summary: Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan conducted a two-year project to further the discovery and subsequent genetic transformation for the introduction of apomixis technology into agriculture crops. Apomixis technology would provide an enormous advance to crop breeding by significantly shortening the production time of novel hybrid varieties, and by enabling the exploitation of traits previously too complex to
harness using standard breeding approaches. Researchers completed a gold-standard assembled genome of a model system of the sexual Boechera stricta, and are in the process of finalizing the assemblies of a further three apomictic genomes from the same genus. Researchers are continuing to integrate the project data with various projects underway in the Sharbel lab to accelerate progress in transferring apomixis to crops, including canola, wheat and maize.

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