Characterization of New Strains of the Clubroot Pathogen in Alberta

Researcher: Sheau-Fang Hwang, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Edmonton AB; Stephen Strelkov, University of Alberta

Project Code: CARP-CCC 2015-12

Final Report: April 2018

Summary: Clubroot, caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae, was first identified in western Canada in 2003, spreading to more than 2700 fields. Researchers conducted a five-year project to identify, characterize, and better understand strains of the clubroot pathogen that are able to overcome clubroot resistance, such as the new pathotype 5X. Overall, the results of this study have improved the understanding of the new strains of P. brassicae that have emerged in western Canada in recent years, and have resulted in the development of improved practices and tools for their identification and management. The results also make it clear that an integrated approach, combining other tools in addition to genetic resistance, will be needed for sustainable clubroot control.

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