Canola Disease Management Tools for the Prairies - Blackleg and Sclerotinia

Researcher: H. Borhan, L. Buchwaldt, D. Hegedus -Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada R. Belanger- University of Laval, D. Fernando, G. Li - University of Manitoba S. Strelkov - University of Alberta

Project Code: AIP P032 Growing Forward 2

Final Report: March 2018

Summary: Surveillance monitoring has shown that blackleg is again increasing in incidence and severity in western Canada, in part due to breakdown of a widely used major resistance gene. Sclerotinia stem rot is also a serious disease for canola growers, particularly in severe wet and cool growing seasons. Several research projects have addressed these concerns, with the outcomes helping to pave the way for new tools and technology, advancements in disease gene screening and new sources of disease resistance genetics. Farmers benefit directly from the research by being able to understand and manage these diseases in their own fields, and maximizing productivity through access to new and improved disease resistant canola cultivars.

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