Can harvest weed seed management be used to control kochia, cleavers and wild buckwheat?

Researcher: Steve Shirtliffe, Lena Syrovy and Shaun Campbell, University of Saskatchewan

Project Code: CARP CCC 2014-4

Final Report: April 2017

Summary: In recent years herbicide resistant weeds have become increasingly problematic in canola, and weed densities have increased approximately three-fold in comparison to 2003 surveys. In a three-year study, researchers evaluated the potential of harvest weed seed management techniques to manage seed production of cleavers, kochia, and wild buckwheat in canola. The results showed that seed shed of these three weeds can be predicted based on growing degree days, and that harvesting as early as possible, with the use of chaff collection or pulverization techniques, will minimize the number of seeds returned to the weed seed bank. The results also showed that pre-harvest herbicide application did not reduce the number of seeds shed by harvest time nor reduce weed seed viability. Therefore, farmers could save time and money by avoiding pre harvest herbicide application, and focus instead on timely harvest to prevent problematic weeds from spreading seeds in their fields.

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