Top Notch Farming Tips - Weed Control

During this unprecedented time, this is our way of sharing canola production knowledge and tools with you in lieu of hosting our field day this summer. This page summarizes resources on the topic of weed control.

Monday – April 27th
- Pre-seed weed removal is essentially important in maximizing yield potential. AAFC weed scientists Neil Harker and John O’Donovan established that the yield effect of one weed emerging a week before the crop is equivalent to that of 100 weeds emerging three weeks after the crop. Learn more in this Canola Watch article: Timely weed management topics
- Canola Watch podcast: Pre-seed herbicide/weed tips and options
- Canola Watch video: Spring cleaning for sprayers

Tuesday – April 28th
- Saskatchewan Agriculture: 2020 chart of pre-seed canola herbicides and the spectrum of weeds control
- Canola Encyclopedia: Pre-seed burnoff options ahead of canola
- RealAgriculture video: Recirculating booms, PWM, and favourite nozzles

Wednesday – April 29th
- Canola Watch article: In-crop weed scenarios & considerations
- Saskatchewan Agriculture: 2020 Guide to Crop Protection Weed Control

Thursday – April 30th
- Top Crop Manager Webinar: Pre-seed tank mixing for yield & weed resistance management ~ *1 CCA-CEU credit available in crop management
- Canola Watch article: Early weed control is essential to canola profitability
- Canola Watch article: Why add a tank mix to pre-seed glyphosate?

Friday – May 1st
- Canola Watch article: Weed spraying in challenging conditions
- Saskatchewan Agriculture article: Water quality and herbicides
- Canola Watch article: Seeding is two weeks away. Should I spray now?
- Saskatchewan Agriculture article: Herbicide residues

Saturday – May 2nd 
- Canola Watch article: Pre-seed burnoff – 8 top weeds and how to control them
- Grainews article: Choosing that pre-seed herbicide

Monday – June 8
- Canola Watch article: Tips for spraying in the wind
- Canola Watch article: Finding time for sprayer tank cleanout

Tuesday – June 9
- Canola Watch article: Assess weeds and emergence issues
- Canola Encyclopedia: Weed Management chapter

Wednesday – June 10
- Canola Watch article: Suspicious weed patches? Check for resistance
- Canola Watch article and video with tips on how to manage glyphosate-resistant kochia

Thursday – June 11
- Manitoba Agriculture 2020 Weed Identification Clinic: Part One
- Manitoba Agriculture 2020 Weed Identification Clinic: Part Two
- Canola Encyclopedia: Herbicide Residue & Drift Injury

Friday – June 12
- Sprayers 101: Reducing selection pressure for herbicide resistance
- SaskCanola funded research on weed management: Input Study & Recovery by Neil Harker

Saturday – June 13
- Canola School: Even crop emergence helps fight herbicide resistance
- Canola Watch: New glyphosate resistant weeds moving north

Monday – September 28
- Canola Watch: Fall weed control – timing and targets

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