Top Notch Farming Tips - Stand Establishment

During this unprecedented time, this is our way of sharing canola production knowledge and tools with you in lieu of hosting our field day this summer. This page summarizes resources on the topic of stand establishment.

Monday – May 4
- Have 1 minute? Watch this Canola Watch video for quick tips on drill prep
- Have 15 minutes? Listen to this Canola Watch podcast on preparing your drill for uniform seed depth

Tuesday – May 5
- Strive for 75% emergence. This Canola Watch article has tips on how to get there
- Canola Watch podcast: A panel of experts covers major topics in canola plant establishment including target stands, seed survival and secondary dormancy

Wednesday – May 6
- This Country Guide article explores the ideal seeding rate/field for canola
- Research project summary: Seed size and seeding rate effects on canola yield and quality ~ funded in part by SaskCanola
- Key result of research project: Establish seeding rate based on 1,000-seed weight, using a seeding rate calculator

Thursday – May 7
- This Grainews article shares 5 factors critical for canola emergence
- Canola School video: Should you chase moisture when seeding?

Friday – May 8
- This Saskatchewan Agriculture article delves into what’s behind canola seeding recommendations

Monday – May 11
- This Canola School video walks you through how to use a stand establishment tool to find an ideal seeding rate
- Target Plant Density Calculator
- Seeding Rate & Seeding Cost Calculator

Tuesday – May 12
- This Alberta Farmer article speaks to measuring emergence and knowing what’s not working to help deal with issues that may arise this year

Wednesday – May 13
- Seeding Rate section of Canola Encyclopedia
- This Country Guide article explores what it takes to get to higher canola emergence

Thursday – May 14
- This Canola Watch article shares how to increase canola seed survival rates
- This Top Crop Manager article talks about reconciling canola seeding rate and seed size

Friday – May 15
- This Canola School video explores how much seed is enough and how much is too much?

Saturday – May 16
- This Canola Watch article shares factors to consider if seeding canola late in the season
- Test your stand establishment knowledge. Take this Canola Watch quiz!

Monday – June 1
- Do you have canola emergence issues? This Canola Watch article provides details on 3 pathogens in the canola seedling disease complex, and the factors that tend to favour each of them

Tuesday – June 2
- This 1 min Canola Watch video shows how to assess plant establishment to determine emergence and if plant targets were met

Thursday – June 4
- If ground conditions prevent seeding with a drill or planter, broadcast seeding might be necessary. Canola Encyclopedia has some tips on broadcast seeding if you need to go that route

Saturday – June 6
- Canola Encyclopedia: How Plant Population Affects Plant Growth
- This Canola School video talks seeding rate and plant stands

Sunday – June 7
- This Canola Watch article explains why plant counts are an important part of the checklist for your post-emergence assessments

Monday – Sept 14
- Canola Watch article: Why count canola stems in the fall? 

Tuesday – Sept 15
- Grainews: Count your canola stubble density

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