Top Notch Farming Tips - Pre-Seed Weed Control

For the week of April 27 to May 2, our Top Notch Farming Tips will focus on the topic of pre-seeding weed control. During this unprecedented time, this is our way of sharing canola production knowledge and tools with you in lieu of hosting our field day this summer.

Monday – April 27th
- Pre-seed weed removal is essentially important in maximizing yield potential. AAFC weed scientists Neil Harker and John O’Donovan established that the yield effect of one weed emerging a week before the crop is equivalent to that of 100 weeds emerging three weeks after the crop. Learn more in this Canola Watch article: Timely weed management topics
- Canola Watch podcast: Pre-seed herbicide/weed tips and options
- Canola Watch video: Spring cleaning for sprayers

Tuesday – April 28th
- Saskatchewan Agriculture: 2020 chart of pre-seed canola herbicides and the spectrum of weeds control
- Canola Encyclopedia: Pre-seed burnoff options ahead of canola
- RealAgriculture video: Recirculating booms, PWM, and favourite nozzles

Wednesday – April 29th
- Canola Watch article: In-crop weed scenarios & considerations
- Saskatchewan Agriculture: 2020 Guide to Crop Protection Weed Control

Thursday – April 30th
- Top Crop Manager Webinar: Pre-seed tank mixing for yield & weed resistance management ~ *1 CCA-CEU credit available in crop management
- Canola Watch article: Early weed control is essential to canola profitability
- Canola Watch article: Why add a tank mix to pre-seed glyphosate?

Friday – May 1st
-  Canola Watch article: Weed spraying in challenging conditions
- Saskatchewan Agriculture article: Water quality and herbicides
- Canola Watch article: Seeding is two weeks away. Should I spray now?
- Saskatchewan Agriculture article: Herbicide residues

Saturday – May 2nd 
- Canola Watch article: Pre-seed burnoff – 8 top weeds and how to control them
- Grainews article: Choosing that pre-seed herbicide

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