Top Notch Farming Tips - Insect Management

During this unprecedented time, this is our way of sharing canola production knowledge and tools with you in lieu of hosting our field day this summer. This page summarizes resources on the topic of insect management.

Tuesday – May 19
- Check out this Field Heroes video that defines beneficial insects and the role they play in agricultural systems
- This Seasonal Canola Scouting Chart by the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network shows insects to watch for per growth stage in your canola fields

Wednesday – May 20
- This section of the Canola Encyclopedia talks all about flea beetles and management strategies
- This Canola School video shares tips on how to scout for flea beetle damage and the economic thresholds that warrant action
- This Saskatchewan agriculture article presents the economic thresholds of insect pests

Thursday – May 21
- Cutworm management tips in this Canola Watch article
- Cutworm scouting guide by Field Heroes

Friday – May 22
- This Canola School video talks about the critical window for scouting and spraying for flea beetles
- This Canola Watch article walks you through 8 steps to making the right flea beetle spray decision

Saturday – May 23
- This Canola School video explores 2 types of stress on a canola crop (abiotic and biotic) and how to differentiate and mitigate these stresses

Monday – May 25
- Cutworm Pests of Crops on the Canadian Prairies – Identification and Management Field Guide by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
- Canola Watch article: Estimating flea beetle damage in canola

Tuesday – May 26
- This Canola Watch article shares tips on how to scout for flea beetles and cutworms
- Flea beetle management protocols from the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network
- Cutworm management protocols from the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network

Wednesday – May 27
- Leafhopper management protocols from the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network
- Forecast and risk maps for insect pests of prairie field crops based on 2019 surveys conducted by the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network

Thursday – May 28
- Canola Watch podcast on flea beetle behaviour
- Video presentation about the two main species of flea beetle pests in canola given by Dr. Hector Carcamo at 2018 Farming Smarter conference

Friday – May 29
- Canola Encyclopedia scouting toolkit

Saturday – May 30
- Scouting for beneficial insects in oilseeds guide by Field Heroes

Wednesday – June 3
- Canola Watch article: How to assess leaf area loss for flea beetle scouting

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