Top Notch Farming Tips - Harvest Management

During this unprecedented time, this is our way of sharing canola production knowledge and tools with you in lieu of hosting our field day this summer. This page summarizes resources on the topic of harvest management.

Monday – August 17
- Canola Watch: Tips for drying tough and damp canola

Tuesday – August 18
- SaskCanola-funded research project: Defining best management practices for using supplemental heating with natural air drying

Wednesday – August 19
- Canola Council of Canada publication: Canola Storage – Management Tips for Conditioning and Drying
- The information on bagged canola storage is somewhat dated in the above CCC publication, with extensive work now completed under Growing Forward 1 and Growing Forward 2 projects assessing the Feasibility of Bag Storage System for Canola Under Prairie Conditions

Thursday – August 20
- Canola Digest and Canola Watch articles that explore factors that elevate risk when storing canola

Friday – August 21
- Canola Digest article: New tech checks bins

Monday – August 31
- Webinar: Combine Optimization Tool

Tuesday – September 1
- Canola Calculator: Combine Optimization Tool
- Canola Watch video: How to use the combine optimization tool

Wednesday – September 2
- Canola Watch: Issue 25 focuses on issues cropping up this Fall with canola harvest

Thursday – September 3
- SaskCanola-funded research project: On-Farm Survey of Combine Grain Loss in Canola Across Western Canada

Friday – September 4
- RealAg Canola School video: Keeping profits in the combine and off the ground

Tuesday – September 8
- Canola Watch article: Residue management – the combine can influence stand establishment

Wednesday – September 9
- Canola Watch quiz – Harvest management

Monday – September 21
- RealAg live video: Joy Agnew of Olds College on best practices for grain and oilseed storage

Wednesday – September 23
- Canola Watch article: Top 10 risky situations for canola storage

Thursday – September 24
- Canola Watch article: Storage risks – high moisture top concern for 2020

Friday – September 25
- Canola Watch article: How to reduce combine losses

Saturday – September 26
- Canola Watch quiz – Fall counting

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