Top Notch Farming Tips - Fertility Management

During this unprecedented time, this is our way of sharing canola production knowledge and tools with you in lieu of hosting our field day this summer. This page summarizes resources on the topic of fertility management.

Monday – April 20th:
- Guidelines for Safe Rates of Fertilizer Placed with the Seed
- Safe Seedrow Fertilizer Calculator

Tuesday – April 21st:
- How much fertilizer does canola need?
- Nitrogen chequebook – click URL and then 2nd link
- Canola Encyclopedia – Fertilizer Management

Wednesday – April 22nd:
- Podcast: 4 fertility experts talk crop nutrition including placement, openers, logistics, timing and products
- Video: CCC fertility lead Warren Ward describes a fertilizer placement demonstration trial and cautions against placing fertilizer in the seed row

Thursday – April 23rd:
- 4R Management of Phosphorus Fertilizer
- Phosphorus Fertilization in Crop Production
Fun fact: P fertilizer is applied on about 85% of Saskatchewan’s farmland!

Friday – April 24th:
- Podcast: Spring options for nitrogen application
- Nitrogen Fertilization in Crop Production

Saturday – April 25th:
- Managing Manure as a Fertilizer
- Sulphur Fertilization in Crop Production
- Potassium Fertilization in Crop Production

Monday – June 15th:
- Canola Watch: Top dress tips for nitrogen and sulphur

Tuesday – June 16th:
- Canola School: Moving to multiple N applications for canola

Wednesday – June 17th:
- SaskCanola funded research: Crop response to foliar applied phosphorus fertilizer

Thursday – June 18th:
- Canola Encyclopedia: Sulphur Fertilizer Management

Friday – June 19th:
- Canola Watch podcast: Fertilizer – top-dress tips

Saturday – June 20th:
- Canola Watch podcast: Fertilizer – macronutrient deficiences

Monday – June 22nd:
- Canola Watch podcast: Fertilizer – 4R nutrient stewardship

Tuesday – June 23rd:
- Grainews article: In-crop nitrogen fertilizer application

Wednesday – June 24th:
- Montana State University: Soil nutrient management for canola

Thursday – June 25th:
- Canola Encyclopedia: Nitrogen Fertilizer Management

Friday – June 26th:
- Canola Watch video: On/off test for seed placed fertilizer

Saturday – June 27th:
- Grenkow MSc Thesis: Effect of Seed-Place Phosphorus and Sulphur Fertilizers on Canola Plant Stand, Early Season Biomass, and Seed Yield
- U of S Department of Soil Science poster: Effect of seed row, phosphorus fertilizer form and rate on emergence, biomass yield, phosphorus uptake, and recovery by canola (B. napus)

Monday – Oct 5th:
- Canola Watch article: Late fall fertilzier and soil testing

Wednesday – Oct 7th:
- Canola Digest article: What fertilizer practices are the worst for losses?

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