SaskCanola's Response to CRSC Regarding Responsible Grain

SaskCanola’s Response to CRSC Regarding Responsible Grain

Canadian grain farmers share a deep commitment to the environment. This is evidenced by the widespread adoptions of science-based agronomy and the incorporation of innovation and technology that have greatly reduced farming’s environmental footprint over the last 30 years. SaskCanola understands the importance of informing consumers around the world of the agricultural advancements made to protect the environment, and supports in principle the creation of a document that addresses this topic.

It was our understanding that Responsible Grain was intended to focus on best management practices (BMPs), communicate the progress that modern agriculture has made towards contributing to the health of the environment, as well as identify areas where improvements could still be made. However, based on our own assessment, through feedback from Saskatchewan levy payers, and consultations with our partner groups and canola farmers across Canada, CRSC did not successfully deliver on their mandate.

Conceptually Responsible Grains received some support from farmers in the beginning stages. However, once the first draft released and was reviewed, the content was opposed by an overwhelming majority, even those who had initially supported the idea. A significant number of farmers (including members of our board) participated in the review and provided specific feedback.

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