SaskCanola - Farm & Food Care Initiatives Update

SaskCanola – Farm & Food Care Initiatives Update

SaskCanola invests in strategic partnerships with major influencers in the food and health sector to increase the domestic market share of canola and its products. Farm and Food Care organizations in Saskatchewan and Ontario are among those influencers, and they are working with us to amplify the message of canola as a healthy oil. 

The Canola Eat Well program is a partnership of the three prairie provincial canola organizations that collectively funds Canadian canola market development efforts. Connecting farmers and consumers is foundational in building public trust, sharing key messaging, and ultimately shaping the buying decisions of Canadians.

Here’s some commitments that SaskCanola, through Canola Eat Well, has with Farm & Food Care: 

The Real Dirt on Farming
This flagship publication is national in scope and features a farm family and career profiles from coast to coast, credible science and topics that are top of mind for Canadians. It covers topics from food safety to climate change to animal care. The 5th edition was updated in 2020 to include the latest science, technology, and regulations, as well reflect the continuously changing landscape of consumer preferences. The publication has just been released from the printer and will be shipped out within the next couple of weeks. 

Initial Partnership of the project included:
•    One full page dedicated to canola. In the last edition, canola was introduced with grains and oilseeds. The word canola is now mentioned 31 times over a variety of different topics and themes versus 14 in the last document. 
•    Multi media canola producer profile to be featured in the publication and supplemented with video and digital engagement online. 
For 2021, we will provide additional financial support for the supplementary Teachers Guide, in partnership with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada
Farm & Food Care Speakers’ Series

Building on momentum of the 2020 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Food and Nutrition Forum, a three-part speakers series targeting Canadian food influencers was developed as part of the growth strategy for a shared food influencer database in partnership with Farm & Food Care in SK and Ontario and Canadian Food Focus.  

Our partnership includes bringing virtual greetings on behalf of the 250+ audience, as well as to introduce the speakers for all three events. Canola Eat Well will receive prominent recognition in all event marketing and social media promo and will be a great way to connect with our own audience. 

Upcoming speakers include:

•    Feb 25 – Professor David Hughes, International Speaker on Global Food and Drink Industry Issues, “Changing Food Trends Around the World”
•    March 25 – Jo-Ann McArthur, Founding Partner and President of Nourish Food Marketing, “Food Labels: What Do They Mean and How Do They Influence Buying Choices?”
•    April 22 – Scott McDeivitte, Gordon Food Services, “COVID Effects on the Canadian Food System” 
Farm & Food Care Ontario Annual Virtual Conference – April 6

This one-day conference attracts over 200 attendees from across Ontario with an interest in the agriculture industry. In 2018 and 2019, 20 key opinion leaders/influencers (Registered Dietitians, chefs, and Professional Home Economists) were sponsored to attend the conference. This year’s event is free to attend. 

Speakers include:
•    David Coletto, Marketing Research Leader and Abacus Data CEO. “Generational Change and the Future of Food in Canada”
•    Marilyn Smith, PHEc, television personality and best-selling cookbook author, “Peace, Love and Fibre”

Submitted by:
Lynn Weaver, RD, P.H.Ec.
Canola Promotion Manager

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